#tbt -ish

OK, this video dates all the way back to February 2013. Not much of a throwback for Throwback Thursday, I know. It’s the only angle I could come up with to quasi-justify posting this gem. Though, as I think about it, this does check quite a few boxes: athletics, the arts, pop culture, the limits of human endurance, creatures of the deep, snark, trends in the social media.

I also have your welfare in mind, dear reader. As we step lively into this new year, this election year, this year of (who knew?) the gay-loving, rich-hating pope – I promise to toss amusing little croutons such as this into the nutritious word salad that is The End.

Courtesy of UGA Men’s Swim & Dive Teams
Not sure what you’re looking at? Google “harlem shake”.
Shortcut: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harlem_Shake_(meme)
And we’ll see you in a month.

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