Restless America : Beautiful Data

Americans don’t stay put. We move around – a lot. In 2012, more than 7 million Americans moved from one state to another. We moved from Arizona to Illinois, from New York to Florida, from Texas to California, from Michigan to Kentucky, and so on and so on. That data makes for a pretty dry spreadsheet. But – oh! – the graphical representation is spectacular!


The folks at call this “storytelling with data” and Chris Walker recently posted this interactive graph of the data from 2012. If a total of at least 10,000 people moved between a pair of states, that movement is represented here. Click on the image to whisk to the vizynary website. There, you can mouse over the states around the edge of the circle to reveal the flow of people between that state and all others. The volume of data embedded in this graphic is astonishing. For instance, I can now tell you that in 2012: 6,033 people moved from California to Indiana, while 5,891 moved from Indiana to California. Or, that 7k+ people moved from Maine to Florida, while less than 3k moved from Florida to Maine. The numbers are interesting; the presentation of the data is mesmerizing. Just mouse around the edge of the circle, and you’ll see.

I suspect that 89.3% of everyone who sees this will not see the wonder of it all. But for the 10.7% of you who groove to this, enjoy!

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