[001] #100happydays

Moon Over PDC

Moon Over PDC

I have a South African friend who lives in Oman. Lois grabs life by the horns – and anything else she can get her hands on. She goes off on adventures to India, to Nepal, to Vietnam, to wherever is next… journaling her experiences and snapping the most captivating photography.

Lois just posted her participation in this #100happydays project.


I’m in, too. And I hope you’ll join us. Snap a picture of one thing that makes you happy each day, for 100 days. It’s not a competition or a contest. Everyone wins. I’m drawn to this because I want to pay closer attention to the easy-to-miss moments that make me smile or laugh or appreciate something or someone… that are over before they begin. And it may be a challenge to capture some of this with an image. Which makes it fun.

I’ll share each day’s photo on Twitter, and expand on it a bit here. I posted today’s photo at the top of this post. A few hours ago I was playing around with one of the filters on my phone camera, getting shots of the colorful Pacific Design Center here in West Hollywood. That made me happy. And off we go.

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