Mary Cheney’s Wife, Heather Poe, is a Goddamn Hero

Giving credit where credit is due: Heather Poe took a stand for herself, her marriage, her family. And it’s about time. I like to think of her as Ian McKellan’s Gandalf, facing the fire-demon Balrog on the bridge: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! Gandalf emerged the victor in that battle, and so has Heather Poe. Vanquishing the pathetic Liz Cheney and her sclerotic parents. If Mary Cheney had any spine at all, she would change her name to Poe and never look back at the hot, steaming mess that is the Cheney clusterfuck.


Lots of analysis on Liz Cheney’s failed Senate bid, most of it is boring and written by people pretending to know better…

Ultimately we don’t know whether it was the family fissure or dwindling prospects (or both) that caused her to drop her anti-gay carpetbagging bid for the Senate, so I want to focus my efforts on talking about the actual hero in all this: Mary Cheney and her wife Heather Poe.

It was the typical Cheney’s brand of consolidated political power masked as a wholesome family portrait. Pop and Mom Cheney looked on with pride as eldest daughter Liz made her bid for the Senate, and it was business as usual for Liz when she said she was for “traditional” marriage (which is a nice way of saying you’re anti-gay). She was just repeating the GOP talking point, that was all, part of me wonders if she even knew…

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