[007] Indiana

Everything* I know about Indiana I learned from John Cougar Mellencamp songs.

* This is mostly true. I have driven a few times across the northern edge of the state, where Interstate 80 and 90 share the asphalt. Which is grim. Except for the fact that the Jackson Five got their start – 50 years ago! – in Gary, Indiana. And Thom has shared some stories about weekends in the ’80s at his friend David’s beach house in the Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan. (But that’s another post.)

You can imagine how surprised I was when Indiana went for Barack Hussein Obama in the 2008 election. (I remember myself thinking, Damn, he’s good!) Of course, the Hoosiers reclaimed their Red State t-shirts and beer cozies in 2012. But still… we all got an inkling that there’s more to Indiana than meets the eye.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’ve had one too many of those orangetinis (see earlier post Fresh Squeezed!) and I’ve forgotten that this is a #100happydays post. And that would be a fair and educated guess. But you would be wrong. Because I saw two news stories today that made me happy. And they both happened in the Great State of Indiana!

I am, admittedly, pretty hard on Christians. And lawdy lawd do they ever deserve it for all the shade they throw on my LGBT peeps!! But I do acknowledge that not all Christians are like that. Some of my best friends are Christians who are not like that. And there are many others who are Not All Like That. NALT. It’s a thing. Really. Google it. So, I’m not getting rid of my “Jesus! Save me from your followers” button just yet. But I have adapted my language to reflect the existence of Christians who are not filled to the brim with anti-gay hatred. I call them Christians. For the hatemongers, I use Xian or Christianist (after the Bush-era Islamist to help distinguish between the world’s peaceful Muslims, and those devotees of Islam who wear bombs to markets or fly planes into buildings). It’s a useful distinction.

So, I am absolutely unforgiving of anti-gay Xian bullshit and the Christianists who fling that brand of poo. And I’ve never been the biggest fan of “the Heartland”, for many reasons. But I hope we can all agree that no one deserves a midwestern winter, and everyone deserves science textbooks free from fairy tales?

I’m on a deadline here, with only 9 minutes left in Day 007 to post this. So here are the two news headlines (from Raw Story – you should subscribe to their daily newsy email) that made me happy. If you click on either photo you’ll be whisked to the full story. But you get the gist of it. And why these stories are such pleasant surprises – especially coming from the Crossroads of America. Indiana!




Hoosier daddy now, huh? 😀 Indiana makes me happy.
Day 007 #100happydays

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