[011] Blogging


It’s been 10 weeks since I flipped the switch on this blog. I’m still getting my sea legs. Figuring out how WordPress works and who’s who and what’s what and who’s what is where. My posts are still just random musings, and that’s OK. Crawl, walk, run. Trip. Fall. Swear. Knees hurt. Swim. Or something like that. There’s a rhythm to this and to each his own. It’s a journey; there may or may not be a destination. Or there may be many.

What I have discovered so far is that WordPress is a magnificent galaxy swirling in the infinite blogosphere. I’ve reconnected with an old friend who’s been at this a lot longer than I have. I’ve newly connected with people I’ve never met, likely never will. Except that true and honest writing can be more intimate and real than any bar conversation or face-to-face. For me, it’s a fascinating trip into the realm of non-linear interpersonal communications. I put something out there for no one in particular, or for my small but lovely band of followers — and everyone else out there. And then, some magic happens. Likes, comments, connections, conversation, sharing ideas and perspectives — with interesting people all over the planet.

Here’s the map of the countries where my blog has found some wordpress mapreaders. I need to become more interesting to South America and Africa and China. And Scandinavia. And Eastern Europe. Have I told Lois in Oman how thankful I am to have her anchoring my Middle Eastern audience?! And you can’t see the tiny little dots of Singapore and Hong Kong — but they are well represented at The End.

It is a different sort of online community than Facebook, which is (in my experience) mostly people you already have a relationship with in ‘the real world’, and their friends, and a billion other folks. And it’s different from Twitter, which is you and 200 million other quasi-anonymous #hashtag junkies. (I admit to being burned out on FB and utterly fascinated with Twitter. I just have a hard time expressing myself in only 140 characters. I have a hard time expressing my self in only 140,000 characters.)

So blogging on WordPress is a new earth-like planet in this social solar system. It’s easy to find similar people with similar interests… and similar people with different interests… and different people with similar interests… and different people with different interests. And then, there are the people who are so exotic and bizarre, who express themselves in spectacularly weird ways. I call them 20-somethings. Fascinating creatures.

Blogging — from my new blog cabin on WordPress — makes me happy. Day 011 #100happydays


  1. Methinks the blogosphere was made for you—and you for it. Your musings are a steady diet of delights and those I unenlightened parts of the globe and outer space who haven’t discovered you yet are the cavemen of our day. Blog on.


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