A Cosmo Kind of Guy

How many times have you come face to face with it? Must be thousands. Standing in the checkout line at the supermarket, you look up and there it is telling you How to Lose 5 Lbs in 5 Mins! or What He Wants That He Won’t Tell You or Lipo: Is it for You? Cosmopolitan magazine. But I guess I’ve always been more of a People guy. “Cosmo” (in the vernacular) aims at a demographic target that is, as far as I can tell, the opposite of me. So, imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link in a tweet and landed on this. Of course, it’s not what you think. I have a newfound respect for Cosmo. And for Cosmo girls, if this is the sort of guy they shed lbs for.

The article highlights just one of the insanities in America caused by “mostly older white men… bullying women”. Look folks, there are two ways to get rid of these bullying “older white men”, and only one of them is legal. VOTE! (Click on the hot pink Cosmopolitan logo to get registered to vote in 30 seconds.) Then be sure to click on the link to the full article. And guys, if you live in a place where this shit happens, perhaps it’s time to consider becoming a male escort.


I joined the army at 17 because I believe in protecting people’s rights. I believe in reproductive rights, but the reason I do this work is to stop these mostly older white men from bullying women who are choosing what is best for them.

Be sure to read this >>> A Male Escort’s Perspective: What It’s Really Like Outside an Abortion Clinic – Cosmopolitan.


UPDATE: Supreme Court (from behind the safety of its own 100+ foot buffer zone) has struck down laws allowing buffer zones for abortion clinics. (see HuffPost article here)


  1. Thanks for the introduction to the Cosmo read, Steve! It’s a very interesting and eye-opening read, heartwarming and heart-breaking at the same time.

    Coming across the magazine name Cosmopolitan always puts a smile on my face as it brings back funny memories. When I was a kid, two of my elder sisters were airline stewardesses, and they would bring back Cosmo, unwittingly providing fap material for this horny gay kid hahaha. Including the always very steamy fiction short stories they featured in their issues.


  2. Thanks for the great read, Steve! I recall in college learning that although we have the right to free speech, we do not have the right to yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater. That’s an example of saying things to cause havoc and possibly injure people. Same with the protesters: they do not have the right to shout lies to upset women who are in the process of getting medical help. And let’s not forget that Planned Parenthood provides life-saving medical examinations. These protesters are female-hating bullies who give those of us who actually do believe in God a bad name. And I’ll bet they have some serious mental issues as well.
    End of tirade. Thanks for the soapbox.


  3. Reblogged this on The End and commented:

    I’m reblogging this post from six months ago, in light of this week’s Supreme Court decision taking away abortion clinic buffer zones. It’s time for all of us to volunteer to be escorts now.

    P.S. This unanimous decision came from nine Justices who decided last year that they deserved a 100+ foot buffer zone from protestors. Which makes them hypocritical pussies, imho.

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  4. Oh my god, your blog is everything I have always dreamed it would be and more …. this girl although hasn’t read a Cosmo magazine since I was 10 and sneaking it with the flashlight in my mother’s bathroom at night alongside a copy of her book LACE in which the first line was something like “You bitches…” and was full of porn and catty women, on second thought I can see why both of those things would ultimately thrill a gay man, love you Steve … and your blog, and now we are part of a mutual admiration society on the ether waves as well as in real life … I miss you … the you “in person” – let’s fix that soon, dinner? you, Thom, me and the Cute Gardener, somewhere LA-esque??


    1. What is it about you, Kimberly? Is it your calm, detached understatement… HA! I love your effusive approach to everything, so I won’t even try to jump out of the way here. Thanks doll. Yes, dinner, yes. I just messaged you back on that other platform. xo


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