This just in from the Dept of Huh?!

I just saw a news report in The Guardian that the United States is offering military assistance to Russia – in the form of combat aircraft and naval vessels in the Black Sea – to help secure the Olympics in Sochi from terrorist threats.

“The United States has offered its full support to the Russian government as it conducts security preparations for the Winter Olympics,” Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said in a statement.

I have just a few thoughts about this.

First, if the American government is so concerned about Russia’s inability to protect the Sochi games from home-grown terrorists, it would be appropriate for the Pentagon to back down, and for the State Department to step up: pull the 300 American athletes out of harm’s way, now. In the same article, the Pentagon admits it will not be able to evacuate the Americans from Sochi in the event of attacks.

Also, what the hell are U.S. warships doing in the Black Sea? That is the equivalent of the Russian Navy conducting exercises in Lake Michigan. (Go ahead, look at the map. I’ll wait.) So, you know, the next time some food-stamp-Head-Start-and-unemployment-insurance-slashing Congressional teabagger tells you we can’t cut the defense budget… tell him/her/it that you’d rather we were feeding our kids in Cincinnati than paying for war games in the Crimea.

130726_k81h7_rci-gay-russia_sn635And this: Why is Obama doing more to save Putin’s ass in Sochi than we are to support the many thousands of Russia’s gay and lesbian citizens who have been targeted by Putin’s draconian anti-gay laws, brutalized by Putin’s police state, and terrorized by Russian thugs?

I love Billie Jean King, and I don’t doubt that she will carry the “gays are people too” flag with pride and dignity while in Sochi. But when she looks out to see our ships standing sentry off the coast, will she know they are there to protect Putin – and not the victims of his anti-gay crimes?


  1. Very interesting … to the point of intriguing. Clearly, since the Russians have not complained (I checked the news services), one can only assume that the Americans are there by invitation (would they dare otherwise in the present world climate? I doubt it … it’s not the bravest and boldest administration). That alone makes me more fretful about the Olympics that another else yet. Yikes!


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