Throwback Thursday 01.23.14

Setting the Wayback Machine to the winter of 1983/84…

My friend Kimberly recently unearthed a lost batch of photos of our adventures in New York circa 1984. We both worked at Wells Rich Greene Advertising (but that’s another post). Here’s a shot of me (and my hair) dangling not-so-perilously out my bedroom window (there was a small terrace) 18 stories above Sheridan Square in the Village. The view from that apartment was spectacular – especially at night – with the Twin Towers filling up half of the sky. Those were great days in Gotham. Before the world changed.

Another pic from that same day, clad in down, down in Soho.

Steve+Kim.Soho1983For someone who went on to become quite an accomplished photographer, It’s funny that Kimberly doesn’t seem to know where the camera is. We look like a promo shot for an ABC After School Special about Dana, a promising young skier whose Olympic dreams are dashed by a nasty spill on the slopes that robs her of her eyesight. She is lost. Until Bart, a devilishly handsome social worker, saves her from stepping in front of a speeding taxi. She studies his face with her hands, and gets very excited as she thinks she has found that escaped orangutan from the Bronx Zoo! The jolt cures (what turns out to be) her hysterical blindness, and she goes on to take the silver medal four years later at the Winter Games in Calgary.

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