[018] Macintosh

Do you remember a world before Macintosh?

If not, it looked like this:


Dark days, indeed! The MS stands for Microsoft. And while Bill Gates was on his way to becoming the world’s richest man, Steve Jobs changed the world, with this:


30 years ago this week, Apple Computer ran its first television commercial for the first Macintosh. That commercial is remarkable in many ways. It was directed by Ridley Scott (who was fresh off Alien and Blade Runner at that point in his career) who created a nightmarish vision of a world enslaved by Orwellian technology. Apple paid $900,000 to run the spot during the Super Bowl – and it never had to show it again. Mac had grabbed the world by the eyeballs and never let go. Here’s the commercial, titled “1984”.

While I had the opportunity to use Macs on various jobs, it would be more than a decade before I bought a Mac for my own use. But I’ve never been without one since. Why do I love the Mac? Every iteration of Mac has defined the cutting edge of design for that moment. The Macintosh operating system (Mac OS) is incredibly stable, sophisticated and adaptable. Did I mention how stable it is? They can keep all the crash dummies over at Microsoft.

It is powerful and elegant, like the most seductive sportscar – you just want to take it for a spin. Even 30 years later. My current Mac is the MacBook Air. I can only describe this as alien technology. It makes me believe that Steve Jobs had a crashed UFO in the basement in Cupertino, and Apple has been reverse engineering its materials and systems. Or, you know, maybe they even have a few aliens on the payroll. Because, c’mon, could humans be this clever?

Here are the Macs I loved through the years:

The first iMac

The first iMac

iBook (dubbed the "clamshell")

iBook (dubbed the “clamshell”)

iMac G5

iMac G5

MacBook Air (alien technology)

MacBook Air (alien technology)

Mac is as close to religious fervor as I’ll ever get. I don’t think of Mac as a computer. I think of Mac as its own category of technology; and then there are those things called “computers”. Other, lesser things.

Now, time for a true confession. I don’t buy into the cult rule that everything Apple makes is therefore the best of that sort of thing. Heresy! But there, I’ve said it. I took the above picture of the Mac I’m typing this on… with my phone. Not an iPhone. My Android-powered HTC One X. It is 18 months old, and it kicks even the newest iPhone in the iAss. Also, as mobile operating systems go, Android blows Apple’s iOS out of the water. IMHO. I haven’t got around to the whole tablet thing yet. Frankly, I can’t imagine where tablet usage would fit between my phone and my Mac. And I’m just in no hurry at all to have another device that needs charging.

So, there you have it. Happy 30th birthday, Macintosh.
Mac makes me happy. Day 018 #100happydays


  1. I bought my MacBook Pro (which I am typing this on) in October 2009. I remember the night I bought it just sitting on my bed hugging the box, I was so happy to have it. To this day, it’s been my hands down most excited I ever was to buy anything. I often think, if anything every happens to my computer I will never be able to go back to a PC. The thought of Windows in my daily life is terrifying to me. Great post!


    1. LOL – “hugging the box” — isn’t that the truth?! As far as having to live in a Windows world: I would sooner launch myself out a window than that. Looks like we’ve fallen for the same guy. Mac. Glad you liked this little appreciation.


  2. My first Mac at home was a Classic. Loved it so much, who could imagine so much power in a tiny little case? Writing this on my iPad, my entry level purchase back into Apple world after years of Windows misery. Love my iPhone too!


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