[029] Scots Rock!

Scottish parliament votes to legalise gay marriage

The Guardian, Tuesday 4 February 2014

We have always maintained at the heart of this issue there is one simple fact: a marriage is about love. All couples in Scotland in a loving relationship must know that they have the same rights and responsibilities and, regardless of their gender, the same opportunity to get married.  – Alex Neil, Scottish health secretary

Those crazy Scots, eh? A marriage is about love! Who knew?! Apparently, the only folks in Scotland who don’t understand this simple truth are the Catholics, Baptists, Muslims and Presbyterians who opposed this landmark legislation because… well, I’m sorry, but as you can see, I just don’t give a fuck.


Scotland now joins England and Wales in the 21st century. Speaking of national legislatures, it must be said that the lawmakers of Holyrood are now light years ahead of their colleagues on Capitol Hill, where Boehner’s Bunch are still trying to repeal Obamacare, abortion rights and gays. (Note to American readers: if you are not registered to vote, will you please click on the link at the top right column on this page? It’s important. Thanks.) Northern Ireland is now the only corner of the U.K. still dragging its heels on marriage equality. C’mon Belfast. You can do it.

To celebrate today’s news, here are some other gifts Scotland has given the world.

Men in kilts

dress to kilt



Sean Connery


Loch Ness






And the soulful wailing of bagpipes

scot flag 2

Scotland makes me happy – especially today.
Day 029 #100happydays


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