From the Dept of When Oh! When Will They Learn?

Gary James, the owner of Gary’s Chicaros restaurant in Enid, Oklahoma declared last week that he won’t serve “freaks and faggots”. (Note to the mainstream press: He didn’t say “f*ggots”. He said “faggots”. If we still have to hear it, the least you can do is print it. Got it?) In an interview with local media, he expanded that No Fry Zone to include the unemployed and disabled folks.

Oh, Gary. Gary, Gary, Gary!


But you’re too late, Glinda. Gary has dug in his size 7 heels, and he didn’t see it coming. The house, that is. The one that the Oklahomos are dropping… on him… right… now!

Click here for the story

And then – because you seem like a good person who deserves to laugh until you cry – click on over to the latest reviews of Gary’s Chicaros on Yelp!


Seems Gary’s got the most happenin’ house o’ hot man sex in OKC!


Let this be a lesson to all the narrow-minded bigots out there, wherever you are. From the dark crevices of America, to Africa, Russia, India… wherever you spout your toxic gay-hating nonsense. It would be good to heed the warning of our friend, Glinda the Good Witch. Because, you have no power here! We have had enough of your pseudo-religious hate mongering. And we’ve got plenty more houses to drop on you, too.

So, begone! Or, just shut the fuck up already.



  1. I just love the response on YELP – it is a brilliant way to strike back without arguing or trying to change him. I do appreciate his hatred is so open – no guessing about who this man is! Thanks to everyone who added to his YELP page. Made my whole week! ty

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  2. Enid, Oklahoma … good Lord, if there is an end of the earth, that must be it. When you arrive in Enid, Oklahoma, you know you’re about to fall off the edge of the world … especially since the people who live there, appearances aside, are not freaks and … whatevers. Oh, good grief.

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