[052] Everything Wrong With…

If you loved MST3K, you’ll love this.

If you didn’t know that MST3K = Mystery Science Theatre 3000, you’ll probably still love this. (But have I told you how disappointing your 40s are going to be?)

I just discovered the Everything Wrong With… YouTube channel by CinemaSins. And when I find things I love, I share them. Because I’m a giver. These are rapid-fire critiques of logical lapses and continuity clusterfucks in many of your favorite flicks. Mostly sci-fi / fantasy genre. Although I’m expecting to see Keanu Reeve’s oeuvre included here any day now. The narration is breathless, so the subtitles help you keep up. Each flick is deconstructed in 2 to 7 minutes. A running total is kept of the movie’s “sins”, and at the end, a sentence is handed down. Here are a couple to prime the pump. Be warned: these are addicting.

And yes, this is Day 052 of #100happydays.

Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spiderman In 2 Minutes Or Less

Everything Wrong With Green Lantern In 6 Minutes Or Less

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