[066] Art As Architecture

Imagine buildings designed by architects named Picasso, Miro and Rothko. Federico Babina did. This is a terrific exploration of artistic styles writ large.

Art and architecture are disciplines that speak and lightly touch each other, the definition and function of the architecture are changing constantly with the development of contemporary art. In this exercise of style I took pleasure imagining architecture steeped of art, designed and constructed through the interpretation of an artist’s language..It is easy to find the art hidden behind an architectural shape or see reflected a geometry of a building painted on a canvas. It is impossible to conceive of the history of art in exclusion from that of architecture.
– Federico Babina

Federico Babina

Federico Babina :: Serra

I’d be happy living in an Ellsworth Kelly (top) or a Frank Stella. Just sayin’.

Day 066 #100happydays

> Link to the artist’s site: http://federicobabina.com/ARCHIST

> Link to the blog I saw this on: http://emorfes.com/2014/03/13/federico-babina-archist/

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