Get Off My Lawn!

I lost track of the tweet, but I did download the attached twitpic. If you’re not sold on the idea of human activity contributing significantly to climate change, consider this. Trees remove carbon (bad) from the atmosphere and ‘exhale’ oxygen (good).



The ancient beliefs of indigenous peoples all over the world described the Earth as a living organism, a natural (not supernatural) entity. That notion coexists quite comfortably with our modern scientific understanding of the home planet as a biosphere of interdependent ecosystems. While the human race sees itself as the master of this domain… our hostess is likely to have the last laugh. She has survived epic cataclysms, asteroid bombardment, supervolcanos, boiling oceans, global ice ages. Dominant species, however, come and go. The dinosaurs were the top of the food chain for 100 million years. Humans have been mucking around for a few million years, at most. And we seem to be (rapidly) wearing out our welcome.

Frankly, I’m rooting for the Earth. Maybe the next species to rise, the one that takes our place, will be a more gracious guest in this home.


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