Gay People Please Stop Acting So [Blank]

Acting vs Being. We give out golden statuettes for acting. We tend to just cut people off at the knees for being.



There was a tweet that got me thinking. It was made by a gay man and it said “White gay guys, please stop acting like black people.” It was retweeted a few times and I’m not linking to it because people are up in arms on whether tweets can be shared or not.

Our gay performances seem to be of national concern. Gay people and complaints about acting run both ways, towards actions and behavior that separate us from the way people would like to perceive us, and to acting in ways that are too subservient to the mainstream.

Gay men are accused of acting too black, too gay, too butch, too femme. The accusations come internally and externally, from heteros and homosexuals. They appear in almost every single message board or social media outlet I’ve been a part of. I must have logged onto an AOL chatroom way back…

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