[074] Und der Gewinner ist … Köln!

And the winner is… Cologne!

Yesterday – 20 March – was the first day of spring, of course. It was also an #InternationalDayofHappiness in the social mediaverse. And happy folks the world over sprang into happy action! From Sydney to Milan to Hong Kong… Dublin to Paris to Singapore… London to – well, you get the idea. (The Americas, North & South, were not representing… Not sure what’s up with that. Maybe I was in the wrong quadrant of the YouTube galaxy?)

Anyhoo, Pharrell Williams’ HAPPY anthem got a worldwide workout. And as I gave away in the title of this post, if I were the one handing out the awards, I’d have to give it to the gleeful (und HOT) Germans of Köln! (With many bonus points awarded for near-perfect lip-synching all the way through.) Of course, there is no trophy, because happiness is its own reward, n’est-ce pas? But if you haven’t seen any of these videos, then start on the banks of the Rhine.


Dare I say it? Happy makes me happy.

Day 074 #100happydays


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  2. I missed out on the whole craze, and have only just realized it, Steve ! So far the only reason I’ve ever found for saying “If only I’d been on TwitBook”. 😉


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