What a hunt!

Remember this infamous tweet by that hunting bitch?
And Ricky Gervais’ epic take down: “spot the typo”

spot the typo.tweet.gervais

So here comes Steve Cutts, a briliant artist whose illustrations and animations are dark, even macabre… yet irresistible. Watch this one; it is so deeply satisfying:

There’s more on his YouTube channel. Thanks to my friend Chris for sharing Steve Cutts’ animation “Man” which is also worth your time. (But a word to the wise: I know quite a few people who would definitely not enjoy “Anytime is ice cream time” – and you cannot unsee it. Just sayin’)

Here’s the link to his blog: stevecutts.wordpress.com


        1. Thanks for the compliment, Mike. It’s trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up. And when I get sick of the sound of my own blogging voice, I head over to your place to soak in the scenery.


        2. And you are always welcome, Steven.. When you find the time, read one or two of my memoirs. The story titled “Jesus and the $20 bill” was freshly pressed. As such my 15 minutes are now used up.


      1. ok so you’re tired of compliments ?
        If my comments were a cry for help, I’d go to Thom first.
        THERE ! Now I am back to my normal self – so to speak,


  1. What a ghastly woman. Thanks for the video, that was hilarious. Another funny thing is that I was wondering what the typo was until I found hunt rhymes with a suitable for her, haha!


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