[075] Dirtnap For Douchebag

He wasn’t a pastor. And it isn’t a church. The guy was a mentally ill hate monger who led a cult – populated primarily by x.fagshis own demented progeny. And now that he’s dead, a grateful world mutters good riddance under its breath.

There’s a reason Dorothy left Kansas – and the cult known as “Westboro Baptist Church” would be as good a reason as any to leave that bizarre patch of prairie. For more than 20 years, the cult members of WBC have developed their own brand of crazy, a pathology manifesting itself as an obsessive hatred of ‘the gay’. Their brand personality centers around colorful signage and a signature tagline: GOD HATES FAGS.

WBC staked its claim by demonstrating outside the funerals of people who had died from AIDS. Classy, huh? In 1998, the murder of Matthew Shepard shocked the nation – but WBC saw his funeral as a high-profile vehicle for spreading its toxic manure. That seems to have been where they crossed the line, eliciting a spontaneous response as decent as WBC’s actions were repugnant: Angel Action. Dozens of people came together, made “angel wings” made of white sheets to shield Matthew Shepard’s family and friends who were attending his funeral from the hideous presence of the cult members.


Somewhere along the way, the cult decided that hating gays was not sufficient. They would have to extend their brand of hatred to include, well, everyone. You see, their god wasn’t satisfied with killing gay people. No. America was becoming such a heathen nation by cozying up to the gays, their god was starting to kill everyone in sight. The message, of course, always being: God hates fags. And God hates you for not hating fags as much as we do. And God hates America for not hating fags as much as it should. So, they started demonstrating at the funerals of soldiers killed in combat.


Takes a certain amount of brass to show up at a military funeral with a signs like these. To be honest, I’m surprised these cretins never triggered a bloodbath. But why stop at dead soldiers? September 11… mining disaster… plane crashes… Shuttle Columbia… school shootings…


Of course, let’s not forget the Jews and Muslims. And if you think they’ll run out of people to hate, don’t you ever forget: GOD HATES YOU, too.


These twisted people also had an eye to the future of their cult… and seeing young children indoctrinated with such malevolence is heartbreaking. Can anyone look at these images and not recognize it as child abuse?


When faced with such over-the-top hatefulness and willful ignorance, laughter can be the best medicine. And wherever they went, the WBC protests started attracting a comical element. Fight signage with signage:



DSCF0690.JPG z.fat z.god-hates-bags.

And IMHO, the winner:



I agree completely with Rachel Maddow (no one is surprised to hear): there is no need whatsoever to mention the name of the douchebag who is now taking a dirtnap. His cult may continue on without him at the helm, but he died a failure. Because instead of inciting America to new heights of anti-gay hatred… the not-a-pastor of not-a-church only succeeded in giving homophobic bigotry a reeeeeeally baaaaaaad name.

Here is a link to Ms Maddow’s not-an-obituary for the not-a-pastor of the not-a-church. Say hallelujah. Say amen.


Dead douchebags make me happy.

Day 075 #100happydays

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