[083] Supermodel Pizza

The last full day of pal Eileen’s LA visit began with a casual and delish breakfast at Bossy Wife + Co on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood. French toast. Corned beef hash (= crazy good). Omelette. Sourdough toast. Coffee. Mmmmmmmm.

chamberlain.roofThen we strolled back to the Chamberlain and popped up to the rooftop pool for some R+R in the sun. A crystal clear day. The sky blue sky. The pool blue pool.


Gorgeous views up at the Hollywood Hills, to downtown L.A., to Griffith Park and the San Gabriel mountains beyond.




Later in the day, after a couple of hours hanging out with Thom and the dogs, Eileen and I ambled on over to Cafe Med in Sunset Plaza. I was craving their pizza della fotomodella… supermodel pizza.


Because I love eating it: thin crust pizza, no red sauce, arugula and prosciutto: perfecto! And I love saying it: pizza della fotomodella!

pizza della fotomodella

It is impossible not to sound like a native Italiano when these words strut down the catwalk of your tongue:

Vorrei la pizza della fotomodella, per favore. Ciao! Grazie! Bene!

raoul-bova-480150l-pozaIt’s how Raoul Bova (Diane Lane’s love interest in Under The Tuscan Sun) would say it.

Damn near perfect.

Day 083 #100happydays






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