[087] Solar-Powered Dogs


Bernardo + Charlie bliss out in the sun on a spring morning.
Which reminds me…

It’s not having what you want,
It’s wanting what you’ve got.
–Sheryl Crow

Day 087 #100happydays


  1. That’s adorable, them enjoying the warmth of the sun. Bliss is the word. It’s like the sun rays are reaching out to give them an invisible massage.


  2. Jethro (Tenn Snake Hound Dog) is the ultimate solar-dog. If you give him a chew bone he runs outside, to the sunniest spot and settles in for the long chew. If they sun moves, he moves. It is sad when he stands in the yard stretching his face to the last sunny spot hoping it does not leave him for the night. New England weather is hard on his soul. hugs, ty


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