Tweet of the Day 04.10.14


    1. Too American!? That’s ironic. America has your Australian export, Rupert Murdoch, to thank for Fox News. Or, Faux News, as we call it… among other things. This tweet refers to one of their favorite sports: finding people whose lives have been RUINED by Obamacare. Devastated! Wrecked! And every time they produce Sally in Seattle or Wanda in Wichita or Phil in Florida — within a few days some reputable journalist comes along and debunks the lie. Funnily enough, all the journos have to do is find the people and interview them, ask the right questions, and lo & behold! — suddenly Sally and Wanda and Phil realize that Obamacare is saving them money, or saving their lives. Fox News has never, not once, issued a correction or retraction. This is their M.O. Tell a lie. Repeat the lie a thousand times. When it gets debunked, just move on to the next lie.


      1. Oh please don’t call that **** Australian: he gave away his patrimony for money. We leftwingers Downunder hate him more than any of you could POSSIBLY do, I promise ! The whole Obamacare issue is unknown to me: can you recommend a reliable source to get a proper understanding of it, Steve ?


        1. I despaired over finding a place for you to start, but I just came across this from The Atlantic (magazine). I’ve skimmed it and it’s quite good.

          Obamacare isn’t the single-payer system many of us progressives would like, but it is an effective – if flawed – way to (a) make health insurance much more affordable for many more Americans, and (b) end the worst abuses of the private health insurance industry, and (c) begin to tame the endless upward spiral of health care costs in the U.S.

          OK then, off you go!


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