Universal Everything

If you’re going to call your design firm Universal Everything, well, you’d better be able to dance along the cutting edge, grab people by the eyeballs and leave their jaws on the floor.

Check. Check. And check. Dip your toe in here (and turn on your sound):

Walking City: Architecture + Evolution + Movement

And then – if you have a LOT of free time or at least some wiggle room in your deadlines – click through to the mother ship: UniversalEverything.com. They take visual design, music, and video technology down to the molecular structure and recombine the DNA into something you’ve not seen before, new and different, high tech + organic, challenging yet familiar.

OK, one more tease to reel you in:

Now, will someone in Los Angeles, some developer or city father/mother or miscellaneous billionaire, anyone, please commission something mind-blowing from the good people at Universal Everything? You’ll find them in London, of course.

Credit where credit is due:

When sharing something like this, I prefer to link directly to the author/artist/creator; in this case, Universal Everything. And then I think it’s a nice thing to do to acknowledge the folks who found it and shared it on their blogs and put it in my path. So thanks to Margaret Rose Stringer and This Is Colossal – both well worth a follow!

The End (so far)


  1. I do try, M-R, I try. And you are directly, personally responsible for a giant chunk of my life being sacrificed on the Universal Everything altar. Happily so! I love mold-breakers and envelope-pushers. And I’ve only just become aware of your book, which I am eager to read.


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