[098] Look, Up In The Sky!

There is a total lunar eclipse tonight. The Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, and the Moon is passing through Earth’s shadow.


The Blood Moon

It is called a “blood moon”, because it causes werewolves to lust for the blood of a at the height of the eclipse, about 12:30am PDT, the Moon will be cast in a rusty-reddish hue, caused by sunlight refracted through the lens of Earth’s atmosphere.

It does not signal the end of the world, the end of days, the end times… or the end of anything, really. And this ain’t ‘the rapture’ – so don’t bother going to sleep in your fancy travellin’ duds.

I was going to stay up and take pictures for you. But as I started snapping pre-eclipse moon shots, I learned (and not for the first time) that my little smartphone camera – optical wonder though it is – is not particularly well suited to photographing heavenly bodies at a distance of 250,000 miles. And I’m OK with that, really. Because it does pretty much everything else.

I did take this shot, using a blue filter, that I think is kind of groovy.

blue moon

Speaking of shadows, earlier today I took this shady selfie.


This fabulous tree stands in West Hollywood Park, just outside of the pool. You can see the jungle gym equipment in the nearby “tot lot” playground. Kids don’t climb trees anymore. That’s sad. Because this is a perfect climber.


Day 098 #100happydays

The End (so far)


  1. That tree really is a ripper, Steve – if I thought there were a god, I’d say he made it for ’em. Just goes to show, eh ? – the little bastards don’t seem to think he IS, either. 😉

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