_ S S H _ L _

And then there’s Pat Sajak, host of the American television game show Wheel of Fortune. Sajak has been spinning the Wheel and selling vowels since 1983.

You know the joke about the only thing to survive a nuclear war will be the roaches – and Cher? Well, if it comes to that, poor Cher will be watching the only post-nuclear tv show: Wheel of Fortune.

Sajak’s politics are conservative, and he’s certainly entitled to that. Whatever. To each his own. But Pat, if you’re going to spew your ignorant bigotry all over the Twitterverse… then imma rip you a new one, bucko.

First, a little background. There are 29 states (in red) where you can be legally fired from your job for being gay – or perceived to be gay. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) has been introduced repeatedly in Congress for more than 20 years. It passed the Senate in November 2013 with a bipartisan majority of 64-32. John Boehner refuses to bring the Senate bill up for a vote in the House. (Why? See Electile Dysfunction.)


If it’s not immediately apparent why such a federal law is necessary, there’s a story hitting the headlines this week from the little town of Latta, South Carolina. The mayor there decided to fire the town’s chief of police, Crystal Moore, a 20-year veteran, and a lesbian. He came up with seven reprimands – the first she had ever received. And he claimed it had nothing to do with her sexual orientation. Oh… but a Latta city councilman produced an audiotape of the mayor sharing his thoughts on diversity: “Because that ain’t the way the world works.” Here’s a link to the story on HuffPost and an explanation of ENDA from the Washington Post.

OK, back to Pat Sajak. Looks like he picked the wrong week to tweet his amusement about anti-gay job discrimination:

Isn’t that hilarious? See what he did there? He’s telling the whole world he’s straight, and “damn the career consequences!” Oh, the wit!

Of course, he’s not risking a thing – and he knows it. Even in the absence of a federal ENDA law, California is one of the 21 states that does provide legal protection against job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (including heterosexual). So, Sajak can’t be fired, no matter what he wants us to know about his sexual orientation. I tweeted a reply:

Hey Pat. Need some help with this puzzle? Let me buy you some vowels: A, O and E.



The End (so far)



  1. One of my favourite moments in life was in Columbia, MD. My incredibly intelligent apartment mate and I were both working at Westinghouse just out of University. After work one day, just as the show started, he stood up and shouted in rhythm, “WHEEL…OF…BOREDOM,” stormed into his room and slammed the door. You still got it, Pat.


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