The path from the pool to the parking structure takes me past West Hollywood Park’s picnic area and tot lot, then leads alongside a wide lawn. As the days lengthen, more and more folks gather there in the early evening. They romp around with their dogs. Or spread a blanket and watch the sky change. It’s a popular spot for personal trainers to bring their one-on-one clients: there’s an entire gym in a park bench. City parks are important, because in our over-programmed lives they provide completely freeform spaces. Just strolling along a path… or sitting on a bench… or lying in the grass = mission accomplished.

But yesterday, I had the rare opportunity to meet a bonafide superhero.


I cut across the lawn to where the pint-sized Caped Crusader battled (played) with his archnemesis (friend).

Is that… Batman?! I asked the older girl who was with them.

He snapped to attention and turned to confront the intruder (me).

Gosh! I never thought I’d get to meet Batman! Is it OK if I take your picture?

“WAIT!” came the command. Seems Batman was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. He whispered to his sister to fix his cape before greeting his public…

And then, Gotham’s sworn protector was ready for his close-up. Deep down, this kid knew he wasn’t really Batman. But when some stranger came along and believed in him – it put a little more starch in that cape.


What an amazing effect we can have on each other.

It’s fun when you get to ride along

for a few minutes

on someone else’s magic.

The End (so far)

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