Ragtime Gals


Two words: Jay who?


  1. Right on!! I didn’t even read your post yet, but I know I’m gonna love it! Who knew Kevin Spacey was so awesome. Just finished watching last night’s show.
    BTW, did you see Emma Stone lip sync…she killed it!

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  2. Of course I don’t have the faintest idea of who ‘Jay’ is; but as I REALLY admire Kevin Spacey, I think this clip is terrific ! What’s the story, Steve ? (please)


        1. Steve … a nervous question … Hope it don’t offend … May I ‘use’ your blog in my challenge ? Please ? Don’t hesitate to say no …

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        2. It is a real tribute to Obama that he has any sense of humor left at all, after the 5+ years of horse shit the Republicans and the teabagger loons have shoveled at him. He outclasses all of them.


        3. I did enjoy it mightily when he occasionally gave vent to little chuckles: he’s absolutely charming ! 😀


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