“Someone else on the earth who is like me”

I cannot imagine the courage it takes to be a parent in this world. Or to be a kid, for that matter. Or to be transgender. I don’t check any of those boxes…

I cannot imagine the courage it takes to be the parent of a transgender child in this world. Then I came across this post by a blogger who calls herself gendermom. And in a very short space, she has taught me so much about courage, being a parent, being a child and being transgender in this world. Mostly, though, this has taught me something more about love.



Last week I told M. that I had arranged for her to have a play date with N.  I had already told her about how N. had been  living as a boy until recently, when she told her parents she was actually a girl.


“Oh, you mean the old Lucas?” M. said.

“Yeah, the old Lucas.  But she likes to be called N. now.”

M. nodded.  She gets it.

When N. arrived with her mom on Sunday afternoon, M. was ready for her.  She’d decided that they should do “manis and pedis,” so she set up a nail salon in the living room, carefully arranging her rainbow of nail polish colors (25 of them! How did we acquire so many?) and draping a chair and a footstool with towels (“So my customer will be comfortable.”).

It took no coaxing to get N. into the chair and present her little…

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  1. Yep, I caught that one weeks ago, via Freshly Pressed. I agreed then with what you say now, Steve – the courage is amazing ! And yet it isn’t seen as such because they simply accept the situation. Takes some kind of maturity, I think …

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