Step Aside, Sachertorte! Make Way, Wienerschnitzel!


sachertorte   wienerschnitzel--oesterreich-werbung--d


VIENNA – There’s a new kid in town. Conchita Wurst – the 25-year old drag queen who has taken Europe by storm as Austria’s “bearded lady” – has won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Oh, and she designed her own skintight golden gown. Some people are just too talented. Congrats also to Tom Neuwirth, Fraulein Wurst’s alter-ego.

Here’s the winning song, “Rise Like A Phoenix” from the Eurovision finals in Copenhagen on Saturday.


The last Austrian songstress to cause this sort of sensation was Maria von Trapp! We’ve come a long way from Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… 

The End (so far)

P.S. Meanwhile, back in the U S of A…


  1. Steve … what can I say ?
    This is a VERY BORING SONG. Sorry, but I cannot see it in any other light. Sure, I agree there were lots of other very boring songs on show in the Final; but for one of them to win says nothing more than that people are agreeing with Tom that we should all be allowed to look like we want to (if only that we universally true, those like me could stop worrying about too many kilos).
    So it’s really nice that tolerance is being celebrated. I like that !
    But it’s really shitty that this song won.
    (As for the runners-up: the bloke can’t even hold a note, for crying out loud !)


    1. Well, you know, it’s a song contest. Of course the best song didn’t win! I agree with you, that song was a snooze…I don’t know anything about the rest of the competition – haven’t seen a frame of it. But in the end, the bearded drag queen from Austria won with pluck and moxie. And don’t forget – she made her own dress. (Those Germanic types are so self-sufficient.) The world is changing, and I’m glad to be among those who welcome progress. It’s the sunny side of the street.


        1. If they really want it to be about the song, they should have the contest on the radio… but that’s unlikely on EuroVISION, eh?


        2. Good bloody point !!! I heard that Denmark went over budget by $20 mill; not surprised. Far too much fx lighting – it actually distracted. Just like the Olympics ceremonies: it’s a comp to better the last country. One can’t help thinking of what the money could be used for; then one has to remember that we need entertainment as well as … whatever. This comp is rapidly approaching internal combustion, imnsho …


        3. I think the purpose of corporate-produced entertainment is to distract people from the giant fucking mess of a world we live in. imnsho


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