How To Explain THAT To The Kids?!

You may have heard that college football star Michael Sam became the first openly gay player in the NFL when he was drafted by the St Louis Rams over the weekend. You may have seen the live coverage on ESPN, as Mike got the call from his agent with the great news. It was an emotional moment for him and his boyfriend, surrounded by family and friends. And as they hugged and kissed each other, you could hear America’s reaction. Well, there were two reactions: either AWWWWWWWWW!!! or EWWWWWWWWW!!!

For most of us, it was a touching moment of Awwwwww! But, the sight of two men hugging and kissing, right there, in the middle of the NFL draft, on the television… well, some folks found that icky. So alarming is the sight of man-on-man affection – they might not even have noticed the interracial aspect! Who knows? The Ewwwwww! may have been doing double-duty disapproval in some quarters.

And now how – dadgummit! – just how are you s’posed to explain this to yer kids?! Glad you asked. The folks at HECKBENDER have got you covered.


And don’t forget:

Was he indicted by a grand jury and charged with multiple felony counts of torturing and killing dogs? Was he convicted of running a dog-fighting ring from his property in Virginia? Did he kill dogs by shooting them, electrocuting them, hanging them, beating them and drowning them? Did he spend two years in prison for these monstrous acts of cruelty?

No… that’s Michael Vick, who was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles when he was released from prison, and was just signed for one year by the New York Jets. Let’s not forget that scumbag Vick: CLICK HERE and HERE and HERE.

Most players in the NFL aren’t violent creeps or convicted psychopaths. Some are. If you are untroubled by them, but a little kiss has set your moral compass spinning… Dude – seriously?

The End (so far)

P.S. Thanks to Nathan Simpson at Queerlandia for hitting me in the numbers with this pass!


  1. The Michael Vick debate (and other players questionable character) is one that is frustrating and sickens me. The fact that people can argue that after two years in jail he is “rehabilitated” and has seen the error of his ways is total crap. Or that he is such a good football player and it’s a shame that this indiscretion be held against him. Our country needs tougher animal cruelty laws and harsher punishment for those found guilty.

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    1. Amen to that. The NFL (and other professional sports leagues) has a lot to answer for. Their marketing operations hold their athletes up as wholesome role models for kids, while their front offices hire (and rehire) abusive thugs and criminal swine. Pick one, NFL. You can’t have it both ways.


  2. Steve – that was a brilliant video to add to this discussion! Congratulations.
    I, too, read a comment or two about what do we say to our kids who may have seen this.
    Just show the video . . .

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  3. This is HILARIOUS ! – and APPALLING. I thought we had problems with our rugby league players (in three States) getting involved in drunken punchups and suchlike; nothing like I learn about in this video has ever happened.
    Our guys are saints ! – sorta … Well, they certainly aren’t as vile as your guys. So why is this ?
    Returning to the video, it appears that your football dwells within some kind of protective fencing. So why is this ?
    It also appears that no matter how criminal their behaviour, their clubs just go right on loving them. So why is this ?
    I’d really like some kind of explanation; but I think it would only be along filthy lucre lines.


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