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Especially convicted+jailed dog-killer Michael Vick

The End (so far)



  1. I have a bet on with a sportscaster friend of mine. He claims Vick is “reformed”. I’m with you, M-R. Such monstrous cruelty is bone deep. I predict Vick will be back in prison for another hideous crime not long after his NFL jig is up. I’d say leopards can’t change their spots – but that would be an affront to leopards.

    P.S. There is nothing innately horrible in pit bulls, or any other breed. With the likely exception of humans.


  2. I have no idea how a creature supposed to be a thinking one could conceivably be like that. It is beyond comprehension. As to its subsequent behavioural ‘alteration’, I don’t believe a word of it. Once feral, always feral. This appalling story reminds me that dogs of the kind mentioned are actually only as horrible as their owners make them.

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