White-Hot Anger

I stand in solidarity with Richard Martinez whose 20-year-old son Chris was murdered by the shooter in Santa Barbara:


Every candidate running for Congress – incumbents and challengers, of any party – should be met with this same white-hot anger over our political leadership’s complete dereliction of duty in the face of out-of-control gun violence in America. At every campaign stop, every interview, every debate, every public appearance. Will they vote for a bill requiring 100% background checks on gun purchases and/or transfers, no loopholes? It is a yes-or-no question. Demand the answer. Demand action. Demand vastly increased funding for mental health evaluation and treatment. Demand restrictions on magazine capacity and ammunition. Demand the same ban on semi-automatic weapons that we have on fully automatic weapons (machine guns). Demand change. This is your country.

“We don’t have to live like this. Too many have died. We should say to ourselves, ‘Not one more.'”

– Richard Martinez


I received a comment from one of the “gun huggers”. It is morally repugnant, intellectually bankrupt – and soulless. His words reveal an unfathomable lack of empathy. I am including part of his remarks here – as an example of the sort of right-wing indecency I will not tolerate on this blog… and hope we, as a society, will no longer tolerate:

I plan to demand that my representatives protect the 2nd Amendment against bigots and I will need to send some money the NRA-ILA to help them combat the outrageous attack by this man – his grief is no excuse.

NB: Yes, this is censorship. And no one’s 1st Amendment rights have been violated. Why? Because I am not the government. 


  1. Reblogged this on TX bridgefarmer and commented:
    I’ve blogged about my opinions on gun control in the past. My views make me less than popular here in the right wing, ultra conservative, people’s republic of Texas. However, this is EXACTLY the reason I have the views I have!!

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  2. I am so glad to see that you, and Hal understand why the 2nd A was created. Too many gun huggers seem to think that an “amendment” means there can never be a change. Hello?!?! The very word means that there needed to be a change!! In a time when this country was so young that there was no hope of defending ourselves against the British, it became a necessity to allow individuals to organize and fight. Today we have well armed, and trained forces at the city, state, county and federal level.
    I have never been silent about my opinion on this topic. Which makes me VERY popular, here in Texas!! Lol

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    1. I admire your courage to be outspoken about gun control in Texas! It is interesting how the recent “open carry” arrogance blew up in the gun nuts’ faces. They are now in full retreat on that issue – because their organizers realized they were in danger of waking the sleeping bear of public opinion.


      1. I actually found myself “arguing” this very topic today but not over the laws in Texas, in Illinois!
        A former colleague thought arguing about how difficult the CCL laws are in Illinois, it would deter me from relocating. As I explained to him.. I’m ok having to jump through hoops. I’m even more ok with no one being allowed to carry unless they are in law enforcement.
        Boy, that started a storm!! Lol


        1. All the NRA money in the world won’t matter to a Congressman/woman who realizes — in an election year — that this issue is ‘a line in the sand’ for voters. We have to draw that line in the sand.


  3. I agree wholeheartedly with this post. I have had arguments with gun supporters on several American blogs and been called horrible names. I do take issue with you characterizing gun lovers as right wing. That may be factually the case in current party politics, but there is nothing intrinsically right wing about a fascination with lethal force. Speaking as an uber-right-wing ultra-libertarian, it is obvious to me that allowing people to own guns is the ultimate denial of the liberty of others.

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    1. Steve, the right wing nutters in this country would shoot you dead for your gun-grabbin’ trespassin’ on their 2nd Amendment rights! No, really – they would.

      But I’ll give you a big ol’ liberal hug for that last line: “allowing people to own guns is the ultimate denial of the liberty of others.” Spot on!


  4. W\hat the gun lovers never seem willing to admit about the second amendment is the obvious truth that it was a measure to protect a struggling new country by the only means possible at the time, a well armed militia against foreign invaders. The amendment offers no cover for individual gun lovers to have all the arms they might want. It is so past the time to rewrite this amendment for the 21st century.

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    1. The Roberts Court disagrees with you. Of course you are right – 2A has nothing whatsoever to do with non-military gun ownership rights in the 21st century. The only remedy is several vacancies on the Supreme Court, a Democrat in the White House and a de-filibustered confirmation process in a Dem-majority Senate. All we need now are the vacancies. Alito. Thomas. Scalia. Go in any order. Just go.


  5. It is required that people become ANGRY. Ignorance cannot be fought with quiet dialogue–it is wasted. Look what ACT UP was able to do when the government failed to address the AIDS epidemic. Get angry. Get mad. Get up off our asses. Good post, Steven.

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    1. We humans are hard-wired with two responses to any threat: fight or flight. Since we cannot escape the menace of guns, we must make a stand and fight. Fight for our right not to be shot to death… in our schools, our places of work and worship, our cinemas, our shopping malls, our street corners, or in our homes. So yes, get angry. We are not helpless. Fight!


  6. And I stand with that, too – even though I’m not among you. This is so fundamentally sensible, practical and non-radical as to render the fact that all those Congressmen and -women having got away with it for so long amazing.

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    1. This father’s anguish is heartbreaking. it is this degree of anger that might ignite a firestorm of protest in this country. I’m sick of people blaming the NRA. BLAME CONGRESS! Only a federal solution will be able to close all the loopholes.

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