What Comes After ‘Billions And Billions’?

When the Universe takes a selfie, it uses the Hubble Space Telescope. This tiny sliver of sky reveals many thousands of galaxies, untold billions of stars.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.


Click on any galaxy to go to NASA’s Hubble page


Meanwhile, coming to a red state near you…

ark theme park

Sadly, this is an actual link to a real thing…


The End (so far)


  1. My instinct is reject the idea outright, but if the majority of people in that state identify themselves as Christian and agree with the project, it’s a tax rebate more than an earmark from the budget, right? Long term they stand to make that money back and improve the infrastructure. I feel less antagonistic against it.

    If KY can get more infrastructure and money into its system, eventually they’ll give it back to their children through education and that park could be a focal point for a discussion on fantasy vs fact — and maybe it already has.

    Disney can be like a religion for some people, so I’m not taken aback by a some fables turned into an amusement park. Besides, the irony in ‘what would Jesus do’ and the money lenders vis a vie the prices they’re going to be charging is too good.


  2. Love the first half, loathe the second half.
    You guys seem to have not only politics that align with religion, but also topographical areas !!! :-\
    Still, who am I to criticise? – we have Queensland … [grin]

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