From Thailand With Love

My friend Chris (a big sap) shared this tv commercial from TVC Thai Life Insurance.

Lovely message. Kindness is its own reward.

[hanky alert]



The End (so far)


  1. OMG, I got all misty eyed when the girl came in school clothes — it was downhill from there. I love this kind of stuff. And Thai people seem to make great commercials. Have you seen the one with kids asking for cigarettes?


  2. That’s a great video, Steve. Lovely message indeed. I first saw it a couple of months ago I think, and have enjoyed watching it again here. Thanks for posting!


  3. First saw this one roughly six months back, and loved it then. I love it still, even though I know it was made by an insurance agency !!! Can you see and western insurance agency making an ad like this with the slightest, faintest, teeniest credibility ?
    Thought not …


      1. There’s no time for tissues when you start the ugly cry!!! It’s nice that they inspire such humanity though. I feel like “Kindness is its own reward” is pretty plausible, but “No father is perfect, but all fathers love perfectly” far less so. But it’s such a sweetly executed message in the commercial that I just want to believe it!


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