Weird Al Yankovic takes the piss out of Pharrell’s Happy – with Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Jack Black, Aisha Tyler + Kristen Schaal.

click here >>> http://youtu.be/zq7Eki5EZ8o



And if you still can’t get enough of the original… then let’s go to Cologne!

[074] Und Der Gewinner Ist… Köln!

And… if are already screaming MAKE IT STOP!! – click here.

The End (so far)



    1. Good! And I’ve just learned that he is releasing eight new videos this week, one per day, from his new album. Eight Weird Al vids in one week! To the Google!


  1. This was great fun but don’t let my boss know I watched it at work. I will just blame it on you. Of course, and you could have guessed this, but I really like that tune and just added it to my “favorite boys” mix on my iphone. So I am not done trying to get happy yet. I will let you know when I get there. Hugs, ty


  2. I think there was a recent writing prompt about writing your own words to a well known song. I didn’t participate – I have enough trouble finding words for music I write myself, I’m not interested in rewriting someone else’s.
    ‘Eat It’ – yes! And I put in a vote for ‘Bob’. Brilliance.

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  3. This may seem weird … but I don’t see is as taking the piss outa the song. It’s just a clever parody – that is, using the song with a totally different … theme (?).
    It’s really professionally done ! – the music’s great ! Would they have had access to the music tracks of Pharrell’s recording ??
    I’m assooming they’re miming – or can all these people sing ?
    Basically, I LOVE it !!! 🙂
    Now please stop posting, Steve: I’m not even quarter-way through adding the ‘home’ button to every post. [grin]

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    1. You’re right. Weird Al has been doing parodies of pop songs for decades. ICYMI you must see his take on Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ – called ‘Eat It’. Classic! And yes, I’ll stop posting now. Bet you wish you hadn’t been so prolific now, eh? [evil laugh]


        1. How kind of you to say so, when it was entirely your idea – as I’ve already had cause to tell several people.
          Don’t care what you think: you ARE a renaissance man.

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