‘The Best Worst President Ever’

From the brilliant Mark Morford at the SF Chronicle / SFGate.com:

Much to the GOP’s bitter revulsion, it turns out a calm, intellectual black man really can run an entire country – certainly far better than an inarticulate Texas bumbler, and even in the face of what is easily the most obstructionist, hateful, acidic and often downright racist Congress in modern memory. Quite an achievement, really.

Be sure to read the entire piece – click here >>> The Best Worst President Ever


The End (so far)



  1. Reblogged this on The happy Quitter! and commented:
    I always said I don’t talk about politics (meaning I don’t talk with just anybody) but lately it changed, I can hardly hold it in anymore. I am not afraid I might open my mouth and talk, I am afraid I might actually scream. I look at the horizon and hope to see a competent African-American gay democratic female running for President and winning, that would not just make my day…it would make me chuckle for years. I agree, make sure you read the entire article!


  2. While reading Mark’s article I felt as if I were Alice through the Looking-Glass.
    In Australia we have a government that’s of the same mindset as your Republicans; and as you can imagine, that means we are a very much disadvantaged country. Things are dire and getting worse, and there are over two years to go until the next election; by which time these unspeakable people will have destroyed everything the previous (Left) government did and put in place their own (hard Right) policies, all firmly rooted in No Transparency.
    I hope you get another Democrat voted in.
    I hope we get a total wipeout of the Liberals and the National Party’s coalition. I want to see them reduced to the smallest rump an opposition has EVER been.
    Obama is far from perfect, I agree; but his legacy will be there, enshrined and immutable.
    Our Prime Minister’s legacy will be that of a liar, a coward and a thief.

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        1. No, that’s just Stringer’s silly fun language: ‘goob’ instead of ‘good’; ‘sunthing’ instead of ‘something’ and so on. 🙂


    1. You beat me to it M-R. The rich white blokes here also think they were hard done by under the previous government (despite evidence to the contrary). I couldn’t help thinking today it was lucky Obama was in the Whitehouse or we’d be at war with Russia by now.


      1. Ain’t it the truth, H ?! – any GOP President (as the party appears to comprise only mad extremists, just like ours !) would’ve done it. Fair makes you wonder, eh ?


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