Word Crimes

What’s this? A second Weird Al Yankovic video? In the same week? Egads…

Whereas Tacky is a send up of Pharrell’s HappyWord Crimes is a parody of last year’s endlessly looping Blurred Lines, morphing it into an indictment of America’s sloppy language habits. It’s clever, naturally. But it may also be miraculous – alchemizing the most vapid song of the century into something instructive and edifying. Plus, it’s got a great beat.


Nota bene: Weird Al released no fewer than eight videos this week, a splashy publicity campaign for his new album Mandatory Fun.

The End (so far)




  1. You know you’ve succeeded in life when three people from different social circles link a song like Word Crimes to you saying, “I thought of you immediately.”

    I feel like I can retire now. This song supplants Fat-Bottomed Girls as my anthem.


  2. Booo – I can’t watch the video. According to the message I receive, this video is not available to the country I am located in because of the conditions of use of the music have not been agreed to by GEMA.

    A quick search of wikipedia informs me that video blocking in Germany – where I am currently on vacation – is part of an ongoing dispute between YouTube and the Germany performance rights organization.

    I’m sure the video is great. I admit that I like the song Blurred LInes … what can I say? we all have our lapses in good judgement and good taste 🙂


  3. Already seen this one ! – someone got in ahead of you. Presoomably someone who isn’t seventeen hours behind. [grin]
    But I don’t think this is a patch on “Happy”.
    Chacun son goût.


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