Upward Facing Dog

This is just something I cannot resist sharing with you, sports fans. OK, so we all remember when I fell for that watch-what-happens-when-two-strangers-meet-and-kiss video that turned out to be a slick production for an ad campaign. (If you are the one earthling who missed that viral outbreak, click here.)

And it may well be that the following is yet more slickness. But I don’t care. It made my day and if you haven’t yet seen this then I hope it makes your day, too. So without any further ado, I give you Nic & Pancho!


Nic + Pancho have their own YouTube channel (with more yoga vids) here.

And Nic Bello (whom you may already have suspected of living in Los Angeles) can be found at nicbello.com


  1. That is TOTALLY GORGEOUS. I wouldn’t care, either, if I’d been the one to discover it – what harm could possibly be engendered …?
    And anyway, you yourself pointed out that there’s a YouTube channel. 😀

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  2. Reblogged this on Mary J Melange and commented:
    On the eve of a visit from the brother and girlfriend, before I take a respite from blogging for a few days, let’s all relax and practice a little yoga. I’m wondering if I can teach Gibbs how to do this…


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