Twin Towers circa 1990s


Photo @GaryHershorn

Photo @GaryHershorn 9/10/14





Link to featured image at top of post, from NPR


  1. Every trip we make to New York, I still miss them. They were brand new when I moved to The City in 1972. We visited in December, 2001 and went down to see the rubble pile that was remaining. It was like a bizarre wake– still frighteningly awesome three months later. Thank you for a moving tribute.

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    1. I was living in Boston on 9/11, and three months later moved to San Francisco. I’ve only returned to NYC a handful of times in these last 13 years… and I haven’t gone down to the Trade Center. To “Ground Zero”. I know why it’s called that – but I hate that name. I’m glad there is a new WTC building, and glad that they kept that name for it. (“Freedom Tower” is just jingoistic nonsense, and I’m glad that’s been rejected.) But there’s still such a disconnect for me between the two images in this post. I prefer NYC, and the world, the way it was when the original towers still stood. The next time I visit the city, I’ll make the pilgrimage downtown, finally. Maybe that will make me feel more at ease with what’s there now. But I’ll always miss what’s missing.


  2. Thank you. My best friend Martha came up from the subway under a tower just as it was hit that day. It always stops my heart how close I came to losing her and so many other friends. I still find it hard to put my own feelings into words, this image was just exactly it. Thanks Steve.

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