Rainy Day LA






After such a long dry spell, rain is absolutely luxurious.

Soak it up, Los Angeles!


      1. You are welcome, Steve. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of seeing LA looking pleasant. I used to feel that way about it. Now, only at places like Descanso, The Huntington, Malibu…you know: The standbys. 🙂


      2. W-w-wait a minute…I like some photographs, and one other post, and you Follow my blog? Dang. What would I get for Liking a whole mess o’ posts? Wash my car, mister? Pay my medical premiums?

        I could go for this quid no pro.


  1. These are such beautiful and inspiring photos, Steve. All the more because I would miss these scenes and not give them a second glance. But captured and interpreted in photos like these, I’m reminded they are interesting and beautiful.

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