Photo credit: Scott Lynch / Gothamist

Photo credit: Scott Lynch / Gothamist


  1. I came to the U.S over 30 years ago. It puzzled me then and it puzzles me now. I will never understand. Coming from a Continent that had to deal with wwII I thought the world learned the lesson. I was wrong, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Discrimination, racism is alive. I reblogged a similiar post today at the happy quitter (one that you would like as well), but will reblog this as well next week. Thanks stvrsnbrgr as always, great to read from you πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Ladybug. Every society, past and present, suffers the sin of racism. It appears to be a human condition. But the American experience is particularly horrifying… especially to me, as an American. We, many of us, thought we had made substantial progress since the civil rights watershed moments of the 1960s. The terrible irony is that the election of this country’s first black president tore the scab off that wound. And the rising bile of racist hatred over the past six years is poisoning American society. As everyone on earth is witnessing. I know what it feels like to be a gay man denied his full civil rights. I cannot fathom the despair and anger experienced by blacks and other people of color in America. We must confront this. And I fear that confrontation may have to be violent before any real progress can be made.

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      1. I don’t care about color, creed, sexual orientation, political agendas and other “drawers”. I was born and raised liberal, in every meaning (good or bad) of this word. I love America, I became an American but I have banged heads with lot of people. We lived in the South when we were young(er) and there I really couldn’t breath. I called it Southern Bullshit and hated so many things about the smile-and-stab-me-in-the-back behavior. Missed your posts…wish you would post more. Sorry for my rambling on your blog, must be the glass of wine πŸ™‚

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