No Fucks Left To Give

Just before President Obama delivered his State of the Union address to Congress last week, the official White House Twitter account sent this eat-my-shorts (tan suit*) reference:


Chez Pazienza at The Daily Banter penned a brilliant reading of the President’s thought bubble, which I encourage you to enjoy:

The White House Just Trolled Everyone, Proving Obama Has No F*cks Left To Give

* If you missed last summer’s TanSuitGate then (1) ignorance is bliss and (2) find out more here.


  1. By the way – was just reading Palin’s last garbled speech and realized something. I think that she is trying to sound like Pres. Bush 2 – not using the correct words, making a jumble of any point, and sounding like a hillbilly – hoping that will get her into office? I would love to know your thoughts Steve.


  2. The best part of a “potentially historic” blizzard, is getting to catch up on your posts. I cannot wait to snuggle on the couch with the cat and read all the ones I have missed. Meanwhile this one is fabulous. Worth a good laugh. Hugs and warmth to you Steve, ty

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  3. Obama is a statesman and can be proud of improving the health system. Pity he was up against a lot of right wing bigots. I do hope the government can catch that 1% rich elite who evade their taxes.

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      1. Oh, very well. I suppose you have a point. We, of course, hope to be rejoicing next year in the demise of One Term Tony. Or, if the recent grumblings of the backbenchers is any indication, possibly sooner as Stabbed-In-The-Back-And-Ousted-Out-Of-Office Tony.

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