United States Defaults On Debt To Its Veterans

If a nation cannot afford to tend to the physical and psychological wounds suffered by its soldiers in war, then that nation simply cannot afford to go to war.

Such is the current situation in the United States. And it is beyond shameful. The amount of money we commit to spending on new weapons systems is measured in the trillions. Yet somehow, Congress cannot manage to fully fund appropriate medical and psychological treatment for wounded veterans. What exactly do the politicians mean when they proudly proclaim that they “Support Our Troops”?

I’ve started the following petition on the White House website. If it gets 100,000 signatures in the next few weeks, the White House will officially respond. And maybe that will be a start. Nothing else seems to be working – in this country that talks a good game about the price our veterans have paid for our “liberty and freedom”. It is time for the government to shoulder its share of the burden. You don’t have to support war, but we must acknowledge the horrific cost of our wars and help those who bear that cost. It is a debt we owe them. And we have been defaulting on that debt.

Please click on the link below and sign the petition. And if you are not an American, I hope you’ll repost this link on WordPress and other social media for your American friends to see. Thanks all.



  1. Thank you Steve for the short and direct message and link. I stand with you in that our warriors and wounded deserve the best care in the world – for as long as they need it. Period. And the fact that 14-years-in, to these two wars and we are still not committed to them beyond the speeches, well it is unforgivable. hugs.

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        1. I do sleep. I love sleep. But I remembered something important to do tomorrow, so grabbed the phone to add a calendar reminder… And then I had to check Facebook and email and Twitter and WordPress. And then I saw your comments on my blog, which are lovely. So I had to reply. Oh, and then I had to update my profile pic on Facebook with an image of a silhouette done by an artist in Montmartre 15 years ago… as one does at 1:00am. So really, Ellen, this is all your fault. =) And so to bed!

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    1. Strange comment. These are not “my claims”. This is the widely reported reality endured by tens of thousands of wounded vets. I guess if you cared you could simply do a Google search. I hope you will educate yourself about this reprehensible situation.


  2. Signed. Whatever your opinions on war, these veterans made it their life mission to protect us, even in battlefields we have no business being in. They deserve top medical care and respect. Bear in mind, many of our modern military are from low income backgrounds and service is a way to higher education and earnings. They cannot afford to foot the bill for their battle wounds. That’s on us, the taxpayers. Reposting.

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