Pointless, Incessant Barking


Reminds me of me. But I’ll be back soon. The presidential campaigning has begun in America. Sixteen months till Election Day. While I’m sure it looks like a complete clusterfuck to the rest of the world, here’s the good news: The Republican Party is in the process of self-destructing. And they’re already putting on quite a show. πŸ™‚


  1. It seems really early in the Presidential countdown for me to already be bored, but I don’t enjoy a circus, and this is surely going to be one. I think we’re in serious trouble if this is as good as it gets! It’s always good to hear from you–frequently or infrequently.

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        1. It’s funny. Earlier today I was accused of being an Israeli hating Jew! Raised Catholic, until I parted ways with mythology at the age of 13. I just wish the name got me a discount on bagels.

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        2. As long as it’s something where they don’t try to briss us, I’m happy… I’m too old for a ceremony of that variety. Unless, of course, I get to choose who does it.

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  2. Oh, goody. I shall look forward to that. We’re already pissing ourselves at the Republicans’ antics. Certainly The Hair is worth his wealth in amusement. Albeit scary amusement. (Mind you, we’re only laughing because it takes our minds off our own clusterfuck. Sigh. ) Can’t wait for your take on the whole show, Steve.

    Love the Keith Haring pic too. I have a KH hoodie with that little doggy embroidered on the sleeve. πŸ™‚

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