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Yeah, still not needing the stunt ass…

So, everyone named Cheney should just STFU. Thanks.

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Meanwhile, back in the ‘World’s Greatest Democracy’…

American women risk their lives – by not voting.

(Men, too. But c’mon: men can’t even put the toilet seat down.)

Ladies, your country needs you.

The inmates are running the asylum (Congress).

They are all up for re-election this November.

Make sure you are registered to vote.

Talk to your friends, and make sure they are registered to vote.

It is not difficult. CLICK HERE

If getting to your polling place on Election Day might be difficult (because you work, or have kids, or have a hard time getting around, or it might snow, etc) – just request an absentee or mail-in ballot. There is no charge for this. You’ll receive the ballot in the mail weeks before Election Day. You can take your time with it. Research candidates and issues online. Discuss it with anyone you like, or not at all. Drop it in a mailbox, and you’ve voted. Done.



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Isn’t one absurd ‘news’ channel enough?
CNN doesn’t seem to think so.

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Martin Luther King Jr
15 Jan 1929 – 4 April 1968


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The truth doesn’t get much simpler than this:

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Bumpersticker seen in OH.

Also recommended for WI, MI, PA, NC, SC, LA, FL, TX, OK, KS, AZ…

If Women Are So Smart…

… then why do almost half of them still refuse to vote?

It’s 2014. This nation has elected a black president. Twice. Marriage equality is the norm in half the country, recognized by the federal government, and coming soon to a red state near you. But 40+ years after the Supreme Court decided that women have a Constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy, the mostly old, mostly white, mostly straight, mostly men of the Republican Party do everything they can to control you, your body, your life.  Women are no better than farm animals and men know what’s best for you. And when your neighborhood gets shot up and your children get hunted down and murdered in their schools, don’t you worry your pretty little heads! The old, white menfolk have the solution: more guns.

Women, you have a president in the White House who respects you, fights for you, and would sign into law any piece of legislation that empowers you and protects you and your family.

But you have a slim majority of Republicans in Congress which despises you, fights to keep you down, and would pass any law to maintain your second-class citizenship, and keep you at risk of rape and gun homicide, underpaid and subservient.

It’s 2014. It’s an election year. Every member of that House of Representatives is running for re-election in November. And YOU get to choose who stays and who goes. You. Little old you. Election Day is the only day on the calendar when women are the perfect equals of men. But you stay home on Election Day, year after year. Why?

Are you registered to vote? No? Don’t know? Doesn’t matter. Click here, on any word in this sentence, and you’ll be registered to vote in a couple of minutes.

voteAre you worried that you won’t be able to get to the polls on Election Day? It’s a Tuesday. You work? You’ve got kids? You’ve never voted before, you don’t know how? It’s a hassle? Then choose the vote-by-mail option and request an absentee ballot. One will be mailed to you. It’s free. You fill it out. If you need help understanding the ballot or who to vote for, ask someone you trust. Ask another woman. If the man in the dress at church tells you how to vote, then vote the other way. If all else fails, just vote for all the people who have a (D) next to their names! Mail it in before Election Day, and there – you’ve voted. You didn’t even have to leave your house. And if enough women do that, then you’ll have changed the world in a powerful way. Do you have a mother? sister? friend? neighbor? who don’t usually vote? Ask! Talk it up! Empower each other. Vote.

There are more women than men in this country. More women vote, too. But in any given election, 40% or 50% or 60% of women don’t vote. The same percentages apply to men, but here’s the thing: men don’t have nearly as much at stake as women do. Not even close. No one’s telling me what I can or cannot do with my own body! So yeah, it pisses me off that women don’t vote – because I’ve got to live in this world, too. And the same folks who think of you as so much cattle are bringing this country and this world to the brink of disaster.

Wake up, ladies. Vote!