[072] Yes, You Are Being Mocked

Apparently, many adult Americans believe the biblical story of Noah (i.e., ark, flood, etc) is literal truth. Not a parable. Not symbolism. Not a colorfully divine exaggeration. No. We’re talking literal, historic, factual truth. Are you among these infantile believers? (Please take the handy poll, below.) If you’re a fan of Noah, you may not want to watch the following video in which Bill Maher rather mercilessly mocks you and your beliefs. And he’s not alone. I am also mocking you.

Why? Because in the 21st century, any sane adult who believes such fairy tale nonsense deserves to be mocked. If you believe the Noah myth is true, then you must also believe (assuming you are not a hypocrite) that the rest of the bible is fact, not fiction… and you believe the Earth is 6,000 years old… and women should be subservient to men… and children should be taught your creation myths – in dad whats sciencescience classrooms… and another person’s pregnancy is your business… and another person’s marriage is your business… and so on.

This world has 99(000) problems – but science ain’t one of ’em. If you have a thick skin, watch this anyway. Maybe you’ll have a breakthrough and realize the utter lunacy of this claptrap. No one’s counting on that sort of awakening, but I would consider it a major accomplishment of this blog if it could bring even one person home to Jesus reason. And don’t get your knickers in a twist – I’m not attacking your religious freedom. Gods forbid. The same First Amendment in the Bill of Rights that guarantees your right to believe even the most silly nonsense also guarantees my right to call your beliefs silly nonsense. Now there’s a hot corner of hell, eh?

Bill Maher – a national treasure – makes me happy.

Day 072 #100happydays

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Love the Constitution! Hate Democracy! Wait…

John Boehner - Caricature

John Boehner – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

A video anthology of #GOPcruelty and obstruction :: The Political Carnival.

Unprecedented majorities of Americans support:

  • background checks on gun purchases
  • employment protection for LGBT folks
  • immigration reform
  • raising the minimum wage

There are enough votes in Congress to pass legislation in these areas with broad bipartisan majorities.

John Boehner – knowing such legislation would pass – refuses to let the House of Representatives vote. The country wants it. The Congress wants it. John Boehner stands in the way of this. He is a ‘majority’ of one. Who is he working for?

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