The path from the pool to the parking structure takes me past West Hollywood Park’s picnic area and tot lot, then leads alongside a wide lawn. As the days lengthen, more and more folks gather there in the early evening. They romp around with their dogs. Or spread a blanket and watch the sky change. It’s a popular spot for personal trainers to bring their one-on-one clients: there’s an entire gym in a park bench. City parks are important, because in our over-programmed lives they provide completely freeform spaces. Just strolling along a path… or sitting on a bench… or lying in the grass = mission accomplished.

But yesterday, I had the rare opportunity to meet a bonafide superhero.


I cut across the lawn to where the pint-sized Caped Crusader battled (played) with his archnemesis (friend).

Is that… Batman?! I asked the older girl who was with them.

He snapped to attention and turned to confront the intruder (me).

Gosh! I never thought I’d get to meet Batman! Is it OK if I take your picture?

“WAIT!” came the command. Seems Batman was having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. He whispered to his sister to fix his cape before greeting his public…

And then, Gotham’s sworn protector was ready for his close-up. Deep down, this kid knew he wasn’t really Batman. But when some stranger came along and believed in him – it put a little more starch in that cape.


What an amazing effect we can have on each other.

It’s fun when you get to ride along

for a few minutes

on someone else’s magic.

The End (so far)

We Are Super heroes

When we were kids, our mothers told us to “Go outside and play!” So we did. My friend Jenn was especially good at this. She liked to pose her Barbies in life-threatening, damsel-in-distress situations. Dangling from a tree branch. Buried neck-deep in sand. Good, wholesome stuff that would prepare her for a career in… teaching. Children. I know Jenn will appreciate this “Adventures of Miniature Batman” series of photos from the tormented (insanely creative) souls at hovercraftdoggy blog. If you like it too, then perhaps it will comfort you that you are not alone… (P.S. Be sure to click VIEW ORIGINAL at the end to see more mini-Batman in action!)


Batman Rémi Noël (2) Batman Rémi Noël (3) Batman Rémi Noël (4) Batman Rémi Noël (5) TinyBatman08 TinyBatman06 Batman Rémi Noël (6) Batman Rémi Noël (7) Batman Rémi Noël (8) Batman Rémi Noël (1)

The secret life of miniature batman – French artist and photographer Rémi Noël takes a classic ‘Batman’ 1989 movie action figure on a tour of the American Southwest in a fun and surprisingly moving photography series.

This post is part of our second Theme Week where since last Friday, you the public had the chance to choose between 5 themes/inspirations for each post this week. Yet again you chose probably the most challenging theme we had listed: ‘Miniature’ Hope you enjoy… 🙂

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