Why We Hate the GOP (#lostcount)











Yes, you read that right. Now go back and look at it again. And close your eyes, and think… how much better off this country would have been without racist republicans in the Senate hell bent on destroying Obama’s presidency. And failing. Miserably. But hurting this country and its people in the process. #goodbyegop #2014



Harry Reid goes nuclear:

Landmark Senate Vote Limits Filibusters –

Takes filibuster away from republicans – but only on judicial appointments.

[correction] Happily, I was wrong about that. Filibuster has been done away with for ALL of the President’s nominees – to the courts as well as all federal agencies. Just in time for Janet Yellen to head the Fed. And at least 75 others who have been put on hold or rejected by the GOPigs in the Senate. No more.