Connect the Dots

Two years ago, a 4-year-old boy named Zachary was beaten to death. By his mother and her boyfriend. Because she thought he might be gay.

Next time you read a story about bullying or gay marriage or employment non-discrimination or homophobia or anti-gay ‘pastors’ of real or imagined ‘churches’… I want you to take a moment to connect the dots.


As long as we live in a society which discounts a person’s humanity – in any way – because s/he is gay or perceived to be gay (or at all different)… then we will continue to live in a society in which a child like Zachary can be murdered by people like this. That she has been convicted of this crime is a pathetic acknowledgment that we failed to save this child in the first place.

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The End (so far)

evoL =

Image When my sons were very little, about three years old, there were times when I would sit back and just marvel at them.  Here were these incredible little boys exploring and reacting to the world around them.  Since my sons are “almost twins”, only four months apart in age having been born to different drug addicted mothers, they experienced most things at the same developmental level.

Because each had his own individual personality, the reactions and interactions became unique and fascinating.  As they grew, they seemed to depart from things that were generically baby gestures, to behaviors that were characteristic of them themselves.  They were becoming their own people with personalities.

This was both exciting and daunting for a parent to observe.  On the one hand, it was the watch of time and change interceding far too quickly, and at too great a rapid pace. On the other, it was…

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[070] NO’H8

There are two major St Patrick’s Day parades in this country, New York and Boston. These parades are organized by private fundraising organizations which continue to exclude participation by openly LGBT people and groups. In Boston it’s the Allied War Veteran’s (sic) Council; in NYC, the Ancient Order of Hibernians. These groups try to hide their bigotry behind the skirts of “religion” and “veterans”.

Because there are no Irish gays, no gay Catholics, no gay veterans, right?

stoutcomesoutIn 2014, though, this anti-gay bias has only been amplified by the lens of… 21st century morality and equality. Politicians in New York and Massachusetts have shunned the bigots’ parades – including the mayors of New York City and Boston. But now, the Allied This and Ancient That have suffered an even more grievous injury: ALL OF THEIR BEER SPONSORS HAVE PULLED OUT! That’s right. Heineken. Sam Adams. And – sure and begorra! – now GUINNESS has taken its creamy stoutness and gone home.

It’s sad, for so many reasons. Having pride in your Irish heritage is a wonderful thing. The Irish have contributed so much to American culture. Millions of Irish came to this country in waves of immigration from the early 1800s through the 1920s. And the Irish who came to this country seeking a better life met with the same hatreds that are directed at immigrants from Mexico today. It was ugly. And it persisted up until WWII. I saw it in my own family. My German grandparents had very little love for my Irish grandparents. So, I always wonder how people who have been so horribly mistreated and disrespected can have such short memories about how that felt. If you’re Irish and you think your proud heritage gives you the moral right to discriminate against others… you have forgotten your own history. The East Cost parade-makers should pay a visit to the Windy City.

bigotryhasnoplaceChicago has a great Irish-American celebration, including a green river and the gays. Imagine! Or, maybe they would like to see how they do it in Dublin. You know, the folks who invented being Irish? Yup. Shamrocks. Leprechauns. And gays. Oh my!

I salute the politicians and the sponsors who have decided not to participate in what has become a symbol of anti-gay bigotry in Boston and New York. To be sure, there’s little or no risk to pols or the ex-sponsors, given the strong majority support for equal treatment of LGBT Americans. But if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. And Ford Motor Company is the only remaining major sponsor left. I wonder what Ford is waiting for? For as long as they sponsor these bigots, there won’t be any Ford in my future.

So, here’s wishing a Happy St Patrick’s Day to my Irish friends and family. I raise a Guinness to your health! And a Heineken! And a Sam Adams!

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[030] Colbert

Stephen Colbert (pronounced à la francais: kohl-BAIR) got his start on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show on Comedy Central, which lambastes conservative idiocy in a ‘nightly news’ format. Nine years ago, it was time for Stephen to leave the nest, and a spin-off was born.

Stephen-ColbertThe Colbert Report (kohl-bair rə-por) is satire at its best and most devious. A 180-degree departure from The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert presents the news of the day as an effete fire-breathing, white – male – hetero – christian – racist – sexist – pig. In other words, he takes Fox News and turns up the volume. The brilliant conceit of the show is that the typical ignorant, right-wing American teabagger nutjob could watch the Colbert Report without realizing he is being lampooned. Or, harpooned – to be more accurate.

There is no better example of Colbert’s take on the latest tempest in the Tea pot over Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial. He takes the piss out of the bigots, with a wink and a nod to the wider world.


In all truthiness, Stephen Colbert makes me happy.
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Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

– Robert Frost

Who’d You Rather?

Which one of these straight men would you rather marry? Or see your daughter or your sister or your friend marry?


I just thought that was a nicer way to pose the question than:


This Is Why We Fight The Hate

Alan Turing

Alan was a 40 year old with a bright future. His career was going well, and he had recently started dating a nice guy named Arnold. One night, though, he came home to find his apartment had been burglarized. He reported the crime to the police. And when they learned that he was in a relationship with a man, they arrested him for the crime of being gay. His career was ruined. To avoid jail, he was forced to undergo chemical castration. Shortly after this, at the age of 41, Alan committed suicide.

That was 60 years ago. Alan was Alan Turing, the mathematician who broke the Nazi’s Enigma Code. One of the great heroes of WW2, he is credited with saving countless Allied lives – and very likely saving Britain from a German-speaking future. You’ve already read how quickly England forgot this man’s contributions. Click on the link, below, to read Katie Halper’s excellent piece on this shameful chapter of history.

Yesterday, the Queen of England issued a royal pardon to Alan Turing, erasing the 1952 conviction… that erased the remainder of his life. There are some things that, once taken, cannot be restored. Not even by royal proclamation.

More than 50,000 others were prosecuted by Britain for the same “crime”, their lives left in ruins. And for what? To satisfy the moronic mob mentality that gay is sick, evil and therefore must be criminal.

Sixty years later, and we’ve come so far from those dark days. We dance at the weddings of our gay friends and relatives, and they check the “spouse” box on government forms. The U.K. and much of Western Europe recognize same-sex marriage. America’s states fall like dominos: 18 of 50 now recognize marriage equality (2 more than last week), along with the federal government.

But the same old hatred lingers in the shadows of ignorance and bigotry. As our communities evolve into a more egalitarian and humane society, the haters come out of the shadows and become ever more shrill. The election of a black president brought the most virulent strains of American racism out from under the rug where that had merely been swept, never eradicated. And now, too, the folks who hate “the gays” grow more vocal and visible as they lose every battle on the way to losing the war.

Here come the pseudo-pious douchebags of the American christianist right: from the pulpits to the pols to pathological “God Hates Signs” turds… and these strange duck people who have now crawled out of the swamp. They peddle their noxious, fraudulent “ex gay” persecution of gay kids. As Russia’s economy slumps in the 15th year of Herr Putin’s reign, he turns to the old standby of gay bashing to put a little air under his right wing (and the world rewards him with the Olympics). The murderous anti-gay cabal running Uganda is funded and fanned by the Who-Would-Jesus-Kill wing of the Republican Party. Not to be outdone by the christianists, the Islamic nations keep their people in 14th century chains… and India decides to resuscitate an anti-gay law left behind by its British overlords in the 1840s.

noh8Had Alan Turing lived, he would be 101 years old today. If he could experience the world we live in now, he would likely blink in disbelief at the progress toward racial and sexual equality we have fought so hard to achieve. But he would also be sadly, terribly familiar with the fear and loathing that still exists for sexual minorities, women and people of color.

As hard as it is to take, I prefer the hatred to be forced out into the open, on display, for all to see – because sunlight is the best disinfectant. Disney / ABC / A&E might be confused about whether hate sells… but most people are repelled by it. Especially this time of year. So lather up with the sunscreen, all you duck people, preachers and pinheads. The forecast is for supernova.

Britain posthumously pardons scientist it chemically castrated.