[060] Why We Rescue

why we rescuePhotographer Theron Humphrey traveled to all 50 states over the course of ten months, interviewing people who have rescued animals. Why We Rescue is the online collection of beautiful photographs and audio clips of stories told by the folks he met along the way, one from each state. It is a quirky and touching tribute to the depth of the relationships we have with our four-footed family members. As soon as you click on a story, the audio launches and you scroll down through the dozen or more photos… I find there is something so intimate, listening to the human voice, hearing someone tell his story. It creates a focus that is entirely different than watching a video. The project was sponsored by Purina, and I think you’ll enjoy this. You can also find more of Theron Humphrey’s terrific photography on his Instagram: @thiswildidea

Why We Rescue

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Do we rescue them, or do they rescue us? Yes.

Day 060  #100happydays